Real Life Facilitator Program

Real LIFE Facilitator Program

We live in challenging times. Uncertainty abounds, anxiety runs rampant, and conflict seems to be everywhere. It is often difficult to know who or what to rely on. We can respond intelligently to our challenges, but only if we know how to work with ourselves - our own heart and mind, and how to collaborate joyfully and effectively with others.

The Real LIFE Facilitator Program is a training in leadership, Integral theory, facilitation skills, and working with the energy and dynamics of groups. We also teach how to engage conflict, polarities, and group shadow, and how to work creatively with them.

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Registration will open in Fall 2024.
Space is limited.

Private Group Programs

 The Real LIFE Facilitator Program is available for teams and organizations.
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In this interview with Gabriel Wilson, Diane Musho Hamilton, Real LIFE Programs' lead teacher, shares about her approach to human transformation, and the relevance of this approach in the global context. The interview covers many of the principles and concepts that are at the core of the Real LIFE Facilitator Program.

Interview of Diane Musho Hamilton by G. Wilson (September 2019)

What Participants Are Saying

"I feel confident to navigate conflict, and to facilitate differences in groups - at any level of intensity"


Program Core Elements

Our program is based on the developmental proposition that bettering your skills is dependent on deepening your relationship to yourself. The Real LIFE Facilitator Program is a 7-month immersion in the core elements of Real LIFE Programs, supporting your personal development and ability to have a positive impact on your world.


Self Awareness

Cultivating intention, attention, and presence; deepening emotional awareness and responsiveness; and strengthening embodiment.


The Integral Framework

Employing this profound conceptual map to help navigate the four domains of our experience: awareness, behavior, culture, and systems.


Keys to Adult Development

Learning some keys to participating in our own development such as: taking a perspective on ourselves; becoming emotionally mature and responsive; and giving and receiving feedback to others.


Communications Skills

Developing more confidence and ease in expressing ourselves and listening to the viewpoints of others, including knowing when to empathize and agree, and when to challenge and/or disagree.


The Pathway Through Conflict

Learning to use conflict as an opportunity for growth and creativity; and by successfully exploring our differences, deepening our bonds and our intimacy.


Shadow and Polarity Work

Working with what is inside and outside of our identity, as well as other sets of opposites that arise in relationships like for and against, one up and one down, better and worse.


Attention to Subtle Energy

Becoming sensitive to the subtle energetic qualities in our work, including coherence, differentiation, vitality, or sluggishness, etc. And how much we are impacted by it, and how to successfully work with it.

Integral Diversity

Integral Diversity

Using the Integral Map to train in principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion while building mutual respect, honoring our differences, deepening our unity, and our capacity for durable collaborations.


Play and Spontaneity

Just like children, adults grow more quickly in environments that include play, curiosity, and exploration. The Real LIFE Facilitator program includes many moments of spontaneity, levity, and emotional release, teaching us the value of bringing these moments to our own work.



Our programs include deep familiarization with the body. We explore movement, physical expression, and the nervous system's response to conflict and emotions. Oh, and there is plenty of dancing.

Our Team

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The Real LIFE Facilitator Program trainers and staff are a diverse group of developmental leadership coaches, professional mediators and facilitators, and committed meditation practitioners. We share a deep passion for adult learning within the context of spiritual practice and engaged work in the world. We hope to create sustainable, positive change in our personal lives, in our culture, and throughout the world.

What Participants Are Saying

"I cannot recommend this program highly enough!"


Dates and Program Components


  1. Three in-person seminars to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah
    • November 11-15, 2025
    • February 10 - 14, 2026
    • May 12 - 16, 2026
  2. Coaching Calls (2x monthly on Zoom)
  3. Facilitator Practice Calls (1x monthly on Zoom)
  4. Creative Pod Projects
  5. Online Community

Apply for the 2025-26 Real LIFE Facilitator Program

Registration will open in Fall 2024.
Space is limited.

Private Group Programs

 The Real LIFE Facilitator Program is available for teams and organizations.
Please CONTACT US for more information.


When you fulfill the program requirements for attendance and participation, you will be certified as a Real LIFE Facilitator. If you have any difficulties in meeting the attendance or participation requirements, you will have the opportunity to talk with your coach so that we can determine a suitable accommodation.


The next 7-month program will commence in November of 2025. Pricing will be announced soon. A scholarship rate is available for people under thirty years of age, people with a negative currency exchange against the U.S. dollar, or people of color who need financial assistance.

What Participants Are Saying

"I was surprised how much more I could learn, refine, and deepen my understanding and skill."


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