Self Dev 101 - 2024

Self Development 101


Rob McNamara & Gabriel Wilson
Wednesdays, January 17 - March 27, 2024

Self Development 101 is for people who want to make the choice to grow. In online classes, you will engage with frameworks, theory, and practices to clarify your developmental journey. In group coaching sessions, an experienced Real LIFE Coach provides a supportive environment to engage your intention, explore developmental opportunities, and clarify unique choices to advance the challenges and aspirations defining your life.

Our time is marked by unprecedented transitions and global pressures that disrupt how we live, work, and love. These vast and complex forces can disorient and overwhelm our familiar ways of being and doing.

Given this disorientation, there is a choice: to cling to our habitual way of doing things or embrace new possibilities of doing and of being.

Self Development 101 is for people who desire meaningful growth. Over the course of 10 sessions, you will engage in two kinds of learning: 1) Content and theory and 2) Personal coaching in a small group setting.


Course instructors introduce frameworks, theory, and practices designed to foster different kinds of growth processes. Throughout the course participants are empowered to create, experiment and adopt new kinds of maturities.


(5 - 6 participants) Your Real LIFE Coach provides you with a supportive environment where you can enact your intentions, advance developmental opportunities into meaningful embodied action, and leverage real-time challenges to sharpen your effectiveness in the world.

Teaching Sessions and Group Coaching Sessions alternate every other week and are 90 minutes in duration.

This program is also a pathway course to the Real LIFE Facilitator Program, which is for coaches, facilitators, and organizational leaders.


  • An integral framework to help you understand principles and practices of self development
  • An empowered sense of your own clarity and purpose
  • Coaching to develop and practice new capacities and skills such as:
    • Multiple perspective seeking & taking
    • Emotional maturity and diversity in feelings states
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Enhanced internal resources and use of personal power
    • Comfort in not knowing


  • 7.5 hours of live teaching by faculty with extensive experience in adult development, Integral theory and meditation.
  • 7.5 hours of live coaching in a small group setting with an experienced senior Integral coach.
  • A powerful container for personal growth with a cohort of motivated, engaged, and stimulating peers
  • Access to Zoom video and mp3 audio files of all teaching sessions


Self Development 101: An Integral Approach to Your Growth and Empowerment
Wednesdays, 10:00 - 11:30 am MT (9 am PT / 12 ET / 6 pm CET)
Dates: January 17 - March 27, 2024
Platform: Zoom

Jan 17 - Opening & Teaching Session
Jan 24 - Group Coaching
Jan 31 - Teaching Session
Feb 7 - No Class
Feb 14 - Group Coaching
Feb 21 - Teaching Session

Feb 28 - Group Coaching
Mar 6 - Teaching Session
Mar 13 - Group Coaching
Mar 20 - Teaching Session
Mar 27 - Integration / Closing

Your learning experience in this course is built on your participation and practice. We expect a firm commitment to participate in all teaching and coaching sessions. Teaching sessions only will be recorded for review.

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Registrants will be asked to respond to several questions as part of the registration process
and will be screened for their readiness for this course.

Scholarship opportunities are available for those under 30, people of color with financial need, and those with a negative currency exchange against the US dollar.

Self Dev 101 - 2024

Rob McNamara

As a senior trainer in the Real LIFE Programs, Rob is known as a profoundly trustable guide and loyal mentor. He is a founder and consultant with Delta Developmental, and he brings exceptional skills to help leaders realize their potential, as he supports the development of enduring teams and relationships in organizations. Rob was a Teaching Fellow at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, and he is passionate about ethical forms of organizational learning, leadership development, and catalyzing human flourishing. He is a devoted meditation practitioner.

Self Dev 101 - 2024

Gabriel Wilson

Gabriel is an Integral facilitator, leadership advisor, and co-author of Compassionate Conversations. He grew up in New York City and in Rio de Janeiro, the son of an interracial and cross-cultural marriage. This naturally led him to explore the power of radical collaboration in committed, diverse relationships. Through Stanford's Masters program in Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies (POLS), Gabe studied design thinking, adult developmental psychology, and leadership. Recently, he founded "Freedom and Fairness”, a program devoted to helping individuals and groups enact greater freedom, fairness, and compassion.