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Dates and Program Components

  • I.

    Intensive Seminars

The three in-person seminars are key to your transformational process. The seminars are an opportunity to meet in person, to experience new ideas and facilitator techniques, and to put them into action. You will develop your skills in the context of genuine relationships with many opportunities to give and receive feedback. You will receive daily recordings of the teaching component of the seminars, and there will be ample reading materials to enhance your learning.


  • You must participate in 100% of the intensive seminars to be certified.
  • Each seminar ends at 12:30 p.m. on the last day, so please arrange your flights accordingly. In other words, do not leave the seminar early.


  • November 8 - 12, 2023
  • February 7 - 11, 2024
  • May 8 - 12, 2024
  • 2.

    Transformational Coaching

The Real LIFE Facilitator Program is a transformational process, and group coaching calls are one of the main supports for that. The coaching calls will occur twice monthly, and will support you in continuing your practice in between the intensives, helping you to translate your insights into ongoing, sustainable changes in your life and work in ways that are meaningful to you.


  • Attend 100% of group coaching calls (2x monthly on Zoom), unless otherwise arranged with your coach. (You will select your preferred group coaching schedule before the start of the program).
  • You are required to attend the entire coaching call (normally 90 minutes).
  • You are asked to be fully present in a non-distracting environment, and have free attention (no multitasking) on each call.
  • 3.

    Real LIFE Facilitator Practice Calls

These online calls occur twice between seminars, and are designed to be relevant to your facilitation experience as we go through the program together. They are 90-minute Zoom calls oriented towards deeper learning, integration, and reflection. Faculty and staff will join you on these calls, and will provide teaching and facilitation guidance, especially related to your direct experience of group facilitation and leadership challenges.


  • Attend 100% of the calls (1x monthly on Zoom).
  • Be prepared with questions that come directly from your facilitation practice.
  • Be fully present in a non-distracting environment (no multi-tasking).
  • 4.

    Online Community

This element of the program involves rich and thoughtful communications via an online platform between seminars. The conversations between members of the program support deepening the training, building participant relationships, and sharing leadership and facilitation questions and challenges.


  • Contribute to the online discussion (on Slack) at least once every two weeks.
  • Bring Real LIFE experiences, questions, and challenges to the forum for peer feedback.
  • Share resources including photos, videos, and website links in your post.
  • 5.

    Creative Pod Projects

Facilitation pods are a small group that serves three purposes: to review the learning from the previous seminar, to bring your creativity to deepen the learning, and to jointly design an exercise to bring back to the large group. Your session will be based on a pre-assigned topic, but your group will have the opportunity to bring even more creativity, fun and embodiment to your session.

Pods will be formed at the first intensive. Your pod activity will consist of meeting regularly together online at a time you determine. You will also develop a 1-page set of instructions for how to facilitate your session that can be used as a resource for all cohort members in the future. Your pod will present in either the second or third intensive.

Your pod meetings will be excellent facilitation practice opportunities. In addition, you can explore how being a committed participant is an important perspective that contributes to being a great facilitator.


  • Meet with your pod on a frequent basis between seminars. (minimum 2x monthly).
  • Fully participate in the pod calls

Apply Now

The Real LIFE Facilitator Program is limited to 24 participants. We encourage you to start the application process early. The first step is to schedule an information call.